Graffiti Art by Former Heidelberg Students Exhibited in the United States

There are only a few weeks to go: The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, the most recent initiative started by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung, will open its doors for the second time at the end of September to welcome back the world’s best mathematicians and computer scientists to Heidelberg. They will take this opportunity to report on the highlights of their scientific careers and give insights into their research. But these stories from their research are not the only interesting part of it. It is also the guests themselves and their extraordinary potential for creativity that makes the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) such a unique event.

Emily Corbato is a pianist and photographer. With her energetic demeanor and alert eyes, you can hardly tell she is in her early seventies. Last September, she accompanied her husband, the computer scientist and A.M. Turing Award winner Fernando Corbato, to Heidelberg for the 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum. While her husband and the other laureates of the 1st HLF provided “tutoring” in career planning for the 200 young researchers from all over the world, Emily Corbato immersed herself in the lively hustle and bustle of Heidelberg and took photos of the city. Her pictures are currently on display at galleries in the United States, illustrating a part of the historical student life in Heidelberg. The photos were taken in the old student detention room.

Above all, the colorful graffiti in the former student prison awoke the photographer’s artistic flair: for example, the quote from Dante’s Divine Comedy “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate!” that a one-time inmate wrote on the prison walls. Corbato created a photography series full of images of former students’ experiences as illustrated in this contemplative facet of the student prison.

The photos were recently exhibited in ‘Salon 21’ at the Nave Gallery, Sommerville, Massachusetts and at Newburyport Art Association, Newburyport, Massachusetts. They are in, ‘The Power if Place”, an exhibit at Roxbury Community College, Boston in June.

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