Raise the curtain! The 1st Heidelberg Laureate Forum is about to begin

Many of the most talented computer scientists and mathematicians will meet in Heidelberg this Sunday on the occasion of first ever Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF): The week-long event provides the opportunity for some of the greatest pioneers in computer technology and groundbreaking theorists in mathematics to meet 200 young researchers from around the world. The organizers of the HLF have put together an extensive program in and around Heidelberg that will give the participants an opportunity to gain inspiration and exchange ideas. According to the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF), which is putting on the event, the lively discussions with and the motivation from experienced scientists shall pave the way for continued leading research in mathematics and computer sciences.

The countdown is about to start, and everyone is anxiously waiting: Winners of the most prestigious distinctions in mathematics and computer science Abel Prize, Fields Medal, Nevanlinna Prize and Turing Award are about to take the stage. They will be formally received in the Neue Aula of Heidelberg University for the opening ceremony that will feature musical interludes. The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is about to begin, and we can expect to see a lot of interesting things starting tomorrow. The HLF seeks to make mathematics and computer sciences more accessible in the future by promoting these two disciplines among the general public. “In our world dominated by technology, mathematics and computer sciences are more important than ever before,” says Klaus Tschira, the namesake for a foundation that promotes natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Taking place from September 22 to 27, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum brings together 200 of the most talented young researchers in mathematics and computer sciences with about 40 award-winning scientists from the fields of mathematics and computer science. The young researchers, who are making the trip to Heidelberg from 50 different countries, will take part in workshops in which they will be able to present their scientific concepts and ideas. But most of all, they will use this chance to learn from the experiences of their role models in their disciplines.

The idea of organizing an event that brings together mathematicians and computer scientists, has been extremely well received in the community of experts, and their interest and curiosity has exceeded all expectations: Nearly half of all living award-winners of the most prestigious distinctions in these disciplines have confirmed their attendance. And during the HLF some of them will even be giving talks on their award-winning research. Whoever wants to catch a glimpse of the top mathematicians and computer scientists should visit the photo gallery at Karlsplatz in Heidelberg, which will be on display until the end of the HLF. This outdoor exhibit is just one of many events planned by the HLFF to bring the two disciplines closer to the general public