Wednesday Extract – At the Institutes, in Schools, and on the Water


The boat trip of the 5th HLF on the Königin Silvia

During the HLF, the hallways and rooms of the New University of Heidelberg University are reverberating with energy and scientific exchange. However, on Wednesday, it acted as meeting point and from there the participants made their way to various locations all around Heidelberg and the surrounding area. Young researchers and even some of the laureates headed to institutes either in the city or in metropolitan region near Heidelberg. These excursions are designed to help the young researchers enlarge their occupational network and learn more about the research sites and working conditions of Germany’s south-west. There is also the option for laureates to visit local schools which proved to be a rewarding and insightful experience for the inquisitive young students.


After they all returned to the ‘Altstadt’ (Old Town) of Heidelberg, the participants boarded the ‘Königin Silvia’ (Queen Silvia) for a relaxing and scenic boat trip in the Neckar River valley. The cruise passed through two different lock systems and crossed the state line between Baden-Württemberg and Hessen in order to arrive in Neckarsteinach. There, the captain’s talent was evident as the impressive vessel made a U-turn to bring the crew back and throughout the trip. The Königin Silvia, largest passenger boat on the Neckar River, was returned to ‘port’ safe and sound and the passengers could disembark and explore the city.