HLFF Spotlight

Alumni in Action

The fundamental intention behind the week of the HLF is clear: Provide a selection of the brightest minds in mathematics and computer science the space and time to make connections and inspire each other. At times, those connections will create ripples that flow into collaborations and projects, with some of those efforts leading to concrete developments. In order to showcase these inspirational stories, the HLFF Spotlight series was created. Through interviews or brief video documentaries, find out how alumni have utilized the diverse programs available to develop their careers.

Intercultural Science Art Project

Demian Nahuel Goos, an HLF alumnus who teaches at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina, introduced the “Intercultural Science Art Project” to participants of the 7th HLF in 2019. Motivated by finding an accessible medium to explain his research in mathematics, Goos realized that artistic interpretation often offers a clearer window into complex themes. The diverse disciplines and cultures brought together by the HLF platform provided an ideal environment put his theory into practice. Since then, Goos’ project has grown and developed with adaptations organized in other countries and institutions.



Animal Tracking

HLF alumni of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Nigeria developed a tracker that was tested on free range animals at the university farm. Their project, "Design, Deployment and Adoption of an Intelligent Animal Monitoring and Tracking System for Pasture and Range Management (NIMTrack)”, received essential funding from the HLF alumni platform AlumNode. Findings were presented to local farmers during a workshop in February 2020, where the tracker’s potential to inhibit animal rustling was made evident.