HLFF Inspiring Minds

Coming soon

HLFF Inspiring Minds is a collaboration between the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation and the MCI – The Entrepreneurial School. It strives to create a safe environment of equal opportunities and diversity for the HLF alumni as well as support them in choosing their individual career paths in mathematics and computer science – regardless of gender, nationality or cultural background.

The activities are bundled on the HLFF Inspiring Minds platform, where the HLF Alumni get the unique opportunity to interact and build meaningful relationships with laureates and experts from academia, business and industry. One of the main objectives is providing expertise and guidance through an expert mentoring program. In addition to that, the HLFF Inspiring Minds project offers a range of engaging digital formats adressing topics such as career building, diversity and personal development as well as social and professional skills. Within these formats, leading experts from academia and business share their experience and knowledge with the HLF alumni. To kick off the project, we will focus on the following formats:

  • Mentoring with experts from business and academia.
  • HLFF Inspiring Talks: Outstanding personalities from the fields of mathematics and computer science share inspirational experiences, ideas and topics of interest with the HLF alumni.
  • Ask me Anything: This is an interactive format where experts from academia and business in the fields of mathematics and computer science offer the valuable opportunity for the HLF alumni to learn from the experts' personal experience.
  • Learn More About …: This format focuses on expanding the competences of the HLF alumni. Topics can vary from soft skills and methods like design thinking or project management to diversity and empowering women in STEM.

More information to follow soon!