Journalists & Bloggers

Visit our Newsroom for all news related to the HLF, the foundation, as well as current and upcoming exhibitions that are open to the public at the MAINS here in Heidelberg. Any videos of past lectures or panel discussions, and the photo galleries from past HLFs can be found there. There is also a current feed from the HLF Blog with posts that cover interesting topics from the world of mathematics and computer science.

The 9th HLF will take place from September 18 to 23, 2022.

The application phase for travel grants has ended at this time. However, journalists covering their own expenses may apply for accreditation via our tool.


What to expect

An informal platform with space to network coupled with an open atmosphere encourages free interchange and is advantageous for everyone involved. Journalists all around the world from a variety of specializations register to cover the HLF each year. From personal interviews, press conferences or directly discussing with the participants working in innovative areas, there is plenty of material available. Journalists are also able to apply for a limited number of travel grants provided by the HLFF that cover accommodation and travel costs. Independent from the individuals that receive a travel grant, all journalists able to cover their own expenses are encouraged to register.

Reporting on the HLF as it unfolds is the task of the blog team, which is fundamental to keeping coverage current. We have a balance of bloggers from both mathematical and computer scientific backgrounds to ensure that there is interesting material for all of the participants. Naturally, the activity on the HLF Blog peaks leading up to, during and immediately following the HLF. However, our team is actively seeking out potential stories and working to expand the reach of the blog.

Journalists at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Journalists interested in the chance to extensively interact with the most celebrated math and computer science laureates and 200 exceptional young researchers are highly encouraged to cover the HLF. Learn more about their experiences.