Lecture: Deep Learning and the Grand Engineering Challenges

Jeffrey A. Dean


Over the past several years, Deep Learning has caused a significant revolution in the scope of what is possible with computing systems. These advances are having significant impact across many fields of computer science, as well as other fields of science, engineering, and human endeavor. For the past five years, the Google Brain team (g.co/brain) has conducted research on deep learning, on building large-scale computer systems for machine learning research, and, in collaboration with many teams at Google, on applying our research and systems to dozens of Google products. In this talk, I'll describe some of the recent advances in machine learning and how they are applicable towards many of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering's Global Challenges for the 21st Century (http://engineeringchallenges.org/). I will also touch on some exciting areas of research that we are currently pursuing within our group.
This talk describes joint work with many people at Google.