Lightning Talks

John E. Hopcroft, Shigefumi Mori, Butler W. Lampson, Madhu Sudan, Vinton Gray Cerf, Joseph Sifakis, Eric A. Brewer, Daniel Spielman, Martin Hellman, Alexei Efros, Tom Crawford

Celebrating 10 years of the HLF, these are short, rapid-fire, one-slide talks that look back at the last 10 years in computer science and mathematics, or even risk a glimpse into the future. These range from an important breakthrough of the last 10 years, a challenge or problem for the future, or a piece of advice to attending young researchers.

Moderator: Tom Crawford

John E. Hopcroft: A Road to a Successful Career
Shigefumi Mori: Rational Curves on Algebraic Varieties
Butler W. Lampson: Safety of IoT
Madhu Sudan: Reliability in Cumulative Knowledge
Vinton Gray Cerf: Interplanetary Internet
Joseph Sifakis: Testing System Intelligence
Eric A. Brewer: Open Source is a Public Good
Daniel Spielman: Computer Experiments for Computer Science and Mathematics
Martin Hellman: Friends Are Better than Enemies
Alexei Efros: Advances in Visual Computing