Young Researchers

Encouraged by Excellence

The opportunity to join the annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum is provided exclusively to outstanding young scientists in mathematics and computer science – undergraduates, PhD candidates and postdocs. In order to participate, they have to pass a multi-step application and selection process.

200 young researchers from all academic stages, based at institutions and universities around the globe come together for a week of scientific networking. Within the unique atmosphere of the HLF, participants from diverse disciplines are able to discuss their research and how they approach problems.

Exchanging ideas and learning new perspectives about ongoing or future research projects is a vital element for scientific progression. With many research issues becoming increasingly complex, cultivating reliable networks has become essential for scientists from all backgrounds. Connecting with fellow scientists is therefore pivotal for the future career of a young researcher.

Extensive interaction with the laureates of mathematics and computer science is possible because their participation is not only limited to giving lectures, instead it continues throughout all aspects of the program. Ample time is provided to discuss with these scientific pioneers during breaks, meals and social events.

At the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, the brightest minds in mathematics and computer science interweave, find inspiration and push forward.

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Young Researchers