As a networking event, the HLF has one primary aspiration: provide a space where brilliant mathematicians and computers scientists can exchange ideas and advance the pursuit of knowledge. Though the week of interacting with the laureates is exhilarating, it is a catalyst, and what the young researchers do with the experience is what matters. A vibrant alumni network is the cornerstone of enabling future collaborations to develop from the connections made at the HLF.
The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) is driven to cultivate a community of alumni that are supported by career development, mentoring programs, workshops and interactive get-togethers.

At the heart of the HLFF alumni efforts is AlumNode, a cooperation with the German Scholars Organization (GSO) and funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation that provides a dynamic platform connecting researchers and scientists from diverse backgrounds. Alumni of the HLF, the GSO Leadership Academy, the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund and the KlarText Award for Science Communication can utilize the network to collaborate and advance their careers.

In order to illuminate the projects, collaborations and career developments of our alumni, the HLFF Spotlight series features select examples in brief interviews or video documentaries.

An open invitation to any eligible alumni: take advantage of these programs, broaden your network and make sustainable connections.


Our interdisciplinary alumni network for HLF participants. From networking to project funding and interactive workshops, get an impression of what it has to offer!