Reaching out to the local and regional communities establishes a strong base and is geared toward getting people excited about the sciences. Exhibitions and film festivals are organized to capture the interest of the public in and around Heidelberg. Experiencing and understanding mathematics and computer science is the motto of the Mathematics Informatics Station (MAINS), which opened in 2017. Various activities for all ages are organized throughout the year: interactive and photo exhibitions, film screenings, lectures and much more. MAINS is a project of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, which strives to show how exciting mathematics and computer science can be and how important their role is in today’s world. Additionally, each year an exhibition with a mathematical or computer scientific core runs parallel to the HLF as part of the accompanying program.

Accompanying Program 2023: MAINS on tour

Running parallel to the 10th HLF, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation presented a diverse selection of interactive exhibits that have been on display at the MAINS and as part of the HLF over the past 10 years. This exhibition took visitors on an exciting journey through different topics in mathematics and computer science.