5th HLF 2017

Ambitious promises about the future of the forum were secured prior the opening with an official contract signing between the HLFF and award-granting institutions. The 5th HLF took place from September 24–29, 2017, and began on a high note with the future of many forums to come being cemented. All of participants spent the week interacting with 24 laureates and engaged in the program that offered lectures, discussions and a panel of experts. In 2017, the Lindau Lecture was given by Aaron Ciechanover, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2004, who addressed an excited audience with his talk, “The Personalized Medicine Revolution: Are We Going to Cure all Diseases and at What Price?” Quantum computing was the theme of the Hot Topic and a diverse team of experts debated whether certain expectations are realistic, which major obstacles still exist and what opportunities are available for young researchers.

All lectures are available in the NEWSROOM and on YouTube.