Virtual HLF 2020

Separation Traversed

Challenges offer opportunities to adapt and 2020 has provided several significant tests. The Virtual HLF was a direct response to some of this year’s trials. Branded with the motto "Virtual HLF –Traversing Separation," the Forum took place from September 21 until September 25, 2020.

A multifaceted scientific program was supplemented by various interactive elements designed to facilitate exchange between the participants. Additionally, there were satellite events available such as the I AM A.I. and the Remembering Maryam Mirzakhani exhibitions. Some sessions were designated to HLF alumni, incorporating them directly into the program. The overall resonance reinforced that if a system to network is in place ­– especially in unconventional spaces like VR – the community will utilize it. Below are some of the highlights from the program.

All video material including talks, dialogues and panel discussions are available in the NEWSROOM and on YouTube.