I AM A.I. - explaining artificial intelligence

Exhibition and Talks

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies of our time, but how exactly does it work? In which areas is it used and what are its limitations?

I AM A.I. is an interactive science exhibition dedicated to explaining methods and concepts of Artificial Intelligence to a general audience. It started with a digital format and will launch in 2021 as an open source traveling exhibition in Germany and then expands to international venues.

Featuring interactive videos and so-called “trails” with integrated apps and games that let you explore gradient descent or neural networks, I AM A.I. explores novel formats for science communication. The exhibition is rounded off with a graphic novel about the current state of AI and a do-it-yourself-tutorial on how to build a simple AI experiment using only cups and paper.

All participants of the Virtual HLF are invited to visit the digital exhibition and to connect with its creators in live sessions. In line with the theme of the Virtual HLF, we aim to “traverse separation” between research and outreach, to bridge the gap between investigating new technologies of AI and engaging a general public to be part of it.

I AM A.I. was developed by IMAGINARY in collaboration with researchers. It is financed by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

  • Talk Andreas Matt, CEO IMAGINARY: September 21, 21:15 (CEST); talk is livestreamed
  • Visit the exhibition I AM A.I.
  • Live Sessions in the exhibition (for registered participants only)